Car Safety Belt For Dogs

There's nothing more important than keeping your dog safe! But over 400,000 people each year get in car accidents because they're distracted, oftentimes by their loveable and excitable pooch in the backseat. These types of accidents can be disastrous for your pooch, leading to injury or even death.

Our best-selling Premium Dog Seat Belt allows your pooch to move around safely on their seat but avoid distracting you, the driver. It also ensures that your dog remains safe in case of an accident. If you buckle your kids in, why not your pooch? 

Our Premium Dog Seat Belt is: 

  • Designed to keep you (and your pooch!) safe
  • Produced with high quality materials
  • Highly durable
  • Over 20,000 dogs kept safer with this seat belt!
  • Adjustable in size (built for small, medium and large dogs)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Item Width:2.5 cm
  • Special Features:Vehicle adjustable seat belt collars for pets
  • Item Length:72 cm
  • Material Type:Nylon
  • Item Weight:40 g
  • Length:43-72cm
  • thickness:2mm